Are Invisalign braces more expensive and better than the traditional ones?

Invisalign braces are a great innovation in the world of orthodontics. It is a kind of orthodontic treatment which is supposed to straighten your teeth, but does not mean wearing the traditional and a bit troublesome metal construction in your mouth. This option is perfect for those who cannot imagine presenting their smile dressed in an ugly metal thing for years before the teeth finally look satisfyingly. It really used to be a difficult decision – what is worse: having an imperfect smile for the rest of your life or living with an ugly “metal smile” for a few years?

Luckily, the decision has become much easier since we have one more option: Invisalign which is invisible. It consists of transparent plastic parts which are put on your teeth and make them sit in a desirable position. However, you may think that if it is so brilliant, it surely costs a fortune. Is it really so expensive?

The truth is that the cost of Invisalign is higher than it is in the case of the traditional braces. But it is higher only a bit. The cost can be different depending on individual needs of a patient and it usually is in the range between $3,000 and $8,000 on average. When it comes to the regular braces, the costs can be also very different. Usually, their price is somewhere between $2,500 and $6,000. It all depends on your certain situation which can be assessed by your dentist. Thus, in both cases the only way to get to know how much you would have to pay for the treatment is visiting your dentist/orthodontist.

There are certain factors which decide about the overall cost of your Invisalign treatment. First of all, it is how much alignment your teeth will need and how many aligners it will demand throughout the whole treatment period. Then, it is also the amount of time your teeth will need to come to the right place. Apart from this, the Invisalign’s cost can be lower thanks to your dental insurance plan. Most of them cover Invisalign as it is with the traditional braces, yet first you must check how much financing you can count on from your insurance company in this situation.

The choice is yours, if you find the Invisalign’s price too high and you definitely cannot afford it you are left with only traditional braces option. But on the other hand, the costs of Invisalign are not so drastically higher. Actually, the prices of both are quite similar and when we take the advantages of Invisalign into consideration, it can turn out really worth the slight difference. The biggest convenience of Invisalign is the removability, which means you can take it out to eat or clean your teeth. Besides, it solves the problem of a funny “metal smile” which is a huge deterrent for some patients. The good news is that you can be offered with some flexibility in payment and the overall cost can be paid in installments to make it more affordable.

Contact your dentist or orthodontist and find the best solution for you!