What happens when you take Modafinil?

In short, Modafinil is a smart drug which helps its users make their brain more productive. Simultaneously, it is a more safe option than other available stimulants and much more effective than the very popular caffeine. You can buy Modafinil in online stores, like afinil.com.

The drug was designed for people suffering from narcolepsy and now in the USA it is sold under the name Provigil. Any serious sleep disorders lead to a very low brain productivity, excessive daytime fatigue and other ailments. Hence, Modafinil is an ideal solution for such problems which helps patients function normally at work, home and completing their tasks. What else can Modafinil do?

Reduce drowsiness

After taking Modafinil you feel stimulated and your brain goes into overdrive which results in very efficient work without feeling of weariness. Your motivation and productivity are higher. You energy levels increase and the feeling of drowsiness disappears. Some of the users claim that it is even impossible to fall asleep after taking the drug. Thus, it is recommended to take Modafinil in the morning so that it wears off before you go to bed in the evening. It is still very important to take care of a proper night sleep.

Improve productivity

Lack of fatigue and higher energy levels result in more productivity of your brain. However, it must be explained that this productivity can look different depending on a person. It is rather individual whether you can become more creative, more able to focus on some calculations, analyses etc. The users of Modafinil admit that they found it very hard to procrastinate, the drug helped them fully engage in the certain project and finish it successfully. It is some kind of “change of attitude” feature of Modafinil – “let’s do it now!” instead of “let’s do it tomorrow…”. Apart from that, it was observed that thanks to Modafinil also the capacity of the short term memory improves.

Make you work for a long time without noticing the time passing.

This side effect is very common among Modafinil’s users – sitting long hours with one task seems to take an hour. That is why, it is crucial to prepare a plan for a day and stick to it (you can for example set alarms reminding you about the time passing).

Reduce your appetite

Modafinil probably influences some signals sent from your stomach to the brain which results in the lack of appetite. It is another common side effect and many users admit that they have experienced it. We should be aware of this effect and remember that nutritious meals are crucial for our health. Eating a proper meal before taking the drug and healthy snacks eaten during a day should help. Although in this effect of Modafinil we can find a chance for those who try to lose weight, it is not recommended for this purpose. Regular lack of the necessary amount of calories and substances for our body can lead to undernutrition and what comes next, many other serious health problems.

Improve sensory perception.

Many users of Modafinil observe better sense of touch and vision as the effect of taking the substance. Better hearing is also quite often and athletes claim that the drug improves their hand-eye coordination and reaction time.